Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lacoste Love

I happened to be doing some research on MORE strollers and found this little lovely! I am in absolute love with the Lacoste pattern, and to see it on a classic stroller is priceless. Only 1,000 Lacoste strollers were produced - get yours for $400 (plus free shipping) at!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stokke Sighting

I saw this Stokke(R) Explory(R) at Crabtree Valley Mall. It was way cool!! I checked their site and it didn't seem that there are any local retailers that carry it. The pram part seemed high, but it actually looks like it lends itself well to good posture. Where can you buy it? At for $1,199. A girl can dream, right?

Do you miss Tiny Ride?

Earlier this year, I noticed that had posted a notice that the operation of there site had been suspended. I loved this site for their free shipping and they wide variety of stroller brands and reviews. Apparently Right Start acquired babystyle and Tiny Ride and shut down both! It's old news, but I keep revisiting my feelings of loss every once in a while. Sniff.

The Jog Stroller Saga

I know my adventure with researching jog strollers is going to be short and sweet. I've already been recommended 2 solid brands, which I am looking into. I am going to keep looking online for products and reviews, so stay tuned! I already have a Maclaren Mac 3, which we love. It has it's issues, but for the most part they are resolved by truly being our outdoor walk / run stroller. It stays popped open and ready to roll at all times. It is heavy and hard to fold down, but we never have to deal with that, which is fabulous. I am looking for a double jogger now, since we have 2 monkeys now.

My first stop to look at a double jogger was at REI. REI happened to be having a mega anniversary sale with 20% off of the Bob Revolution strollers. I have to say that I was more than impressed with it's fold-down capability, leash, seats, handlebar and weight. I have to throw in that they had a Mesa Orange color, that is right up my alley. (And yes, it will match my Michael Kors wallet). I would have been tempted to snatch it up right on the spot - but I wanted to do my research, ask friends and not impulse buy. The hardest thing is finding shops that carry jog strollers that I can touch, wheel around and even throw my kids in for a test ride.

I am going to keep looking around, but don't be surprised if you see me with this stroller jogging (and by jogging, I mean leisurely walking around North Hills) sometime soon.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bye Bye Snap N' Go

The great thing about having a baby, besides the baby, is the gear. I fell in love with my Snap N' Go from the first moment I used it 2 years ago. I fell in love all over again when we had our second baby this year. I also fell in love with my Peg Perego Soleo (orange) Primo Viaggio that we snapped into it.

Number 2 just turned 4 months old and is a little butterball, so we are onto the next car seat already. I will miss you Snap N' Go and Primo Viaggio, but it's time for you to make another mom happy! If you are looking to purchase a Snap N' Go or this Peg Perego Car Seat - please feel free to email me at I always take great care of my gear!! Now, onto the jog strollers!

Stroller Number 6 and 7

I realized that I have a 6th stroller. It's a cheapy Babies R Us umbrella stroller that came "free with purchase." This snob hasn't used it, but I keep it just in case. (I think it retails around $14, and in my opinion, you get what you pay for!)

It's official. I have an obsession with strollers. I wasn't 100% satisfied with the double stroller that I have. Again, it's the tandem Kolcraft Contours stroller. I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for in a double stroller and now I do:
1. A budget friendly option
2. One solid handle
3. Snack tray
4. Good basket
5. Good fold-up capability
6. Good steering

Option 1: Chicco Trevi Twin Stroller ($170)
1. Budget friendly: Yes, extremely!
2. Handle: I didn't like that is had the "hook" handles. Not easy to steer with one hand!
3. Snack Tray: My Peg Perego Pliko P3 has a rockin' snack tray. This had no tray and didn't even look like you could put an accessory from another company on anywhere.
4. Basket: I need a roomy basket and this didn't have one!
5. Fold-up capability: I didn't test this particular model, but that's a must.
6. Steering: This had great steering, but the snack tray and handle were the deal breakers.

Option 2: Combi Twin Sport ($220 - $230)
1. Budget friendly: Yes
2. Handle: Great!
3. Snack Tray: Yes!
4. Basket: This basket will do the job.
5. Fold-up capability: Excellent!
6. Steering: The steering was ok - really the Chicco above had better steering.

Option 3: Peg Perego Aria Twin ($340)
1. Budget friendly: Not really (for a snob that has 6 strollers already!)
2. Handlebar: Great.
3. Snack Tray: Yes, and they "flip" open.
4. Basket: Awesome.
5. Fold-up capability: Excellent!
6. Steering: The steering is great!

There are many, many options when it comes to double strollers, especially if you are on an unlimited budget. Personally, I love Peg Perego and ended up getting the Aria Twin. I didn't pay $340 for it - I actually found a model that was a couple years old and it was much less. Don't get me wrong, I am a snob about my strollers but I won't hesitate to get the brand I love for a little less!

Monday, May 18, 2009

About Me

I am a busy mom of 2 boys, Finn and Tate. They are little guys - ages 2 years and 4 months, respectively. I am constantly on the go and feel that I have high standards for my baby gear to keep up with my lifestyle. In this blog, I will talk about strollers and baby gear that I love. I will also report on cool things I see, either in person or online.

The reason why I started this blog is to open up a discussion with other moms about their gear. I am forever reading reviews on items and can't always find the information that I need. I invite you to comment on my posts and leave feedback on your baby gear.

I will leave you with this "stroller snob" moment. I was looking through stroller sites and other blogs and saw this SWEET Marc Jacobs Bugaboo stroller. Only 15 were made world-wide and Gwen Stefani snatched one up. I live for gorgeous design and fabulousness! Although reviews are mixed on the Bugaboo, everyone can agree that this is a pretty cool stroller. Personally, my husband would shoot me for paying $1,500 for a stroller that would only fit one of our kids!!